Saturday, February 23, 2019

Yes I Tried, I Really Did - Surreal Poetry by Freek

Yes I Tried, I Really Did

There appears to be a gap in the rainbow
Switched my toothpaste back to my original one
Pressure turned my face into a spoon
Backed myself into a corner where Mrs Mole lived with her frozen left foot
Yes I tried, I really did

I let myself in the back way using an electric tin opener
My photographic memory ran out of film so I spent all of my milk tokens on pet snarls
The world shrunk and rolled into a tube which turned out to be an exhaust from a Morris Marina
We all remained on the same level until the pink flamingo lost its balance after trying on extra large green wellies
Come to think about it, I tried, I really did

You ordered a pina colada but instead a magician stole the show after she shrunk her head to the size of a mollusc
I woke up in lost property and ricocheted into the next month which was March
The words stumbled off the end of the page dropping into the neighbours skip which was full of wooden legs and plastic casters
From now on I shall entertain myself with a private party for one until the inevitable happens
Believe me when I say, I tried, I really did

Author: Sam Freek

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