Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Lump Under The Carpet - Surreal Poetry by FReek

The Lump Under The Carpet

Bridging the gap between unknown pleasures
Fish and chips have been wrapped in yesterday's glitter and bows
What is this large lump under the carpet?
A bubble burst onto my lap leaving shards of a popular 70's comedian
My brain swayed too and fro in the winter breeze along with next doors hanging basket

I hid beneath my ribcage and stoked my inner rage with stolen clock hands from Dewsbury Town Hall
Trembling eye lids filled the sky as each one cried a tear of overripe mango juice
We are all at stage 5.5 and unsure of the cost of labour so far
The dripping of information detoxifies my grey matter
A red arrow shows me a new direction and I proceed with my battery on low

The mouldy cheese has paved the way for the garden gnome without his rod
I can see you have filled the out of date storage boxes with stolen foil from a biscuit factory
My eyes squint after I become aware of the scarecrow look becoming the latest fashion
Ordered my shopping whilst sleepwalking in a chicken suit which had red woollen tights
Then people spoke in loud murmurs as the local bus carried the midnight sky back to the depot

Author: Sam Freek

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