Friday, February 08, 2019

An Unexpected Disappearing Act - Surreal Poetry

 An Unexpected Disappearing Act

Touched the end and fell about laughing into a ball of candy floss
Do I need a case of clap I said in an accent unknown
The hands fell off my watch and made their own way in life
Kettles endlessly whistled the tune of a Vera Lynn song
Puddles rained into the sky causing havoc with the London Underground
My inner being echoed into a long hum as the final curtain came down
A carousel of portraits stretched across my mind like colourful bubble gum
The sequences of life disrupted by an unexpected disappearing act

The silver lining fell from the cloud into a yawning farmer from Slaithwaite
His head turned inside out revealing two out of date library books
An 89 year old T-Rex fan lay in a star shape across the frozen peas section in Tesco
I spoke to the empty chair for nine days, four nights and two and a half minutes
The chimney with a perched crow on became a restricted area with no underlying rules
Mr Hustle and Mr Bustle became one in the glinting tower of red occupancy
Scripted chatter fell under the carpet and became an endless muffled groan
A remembered dilapidated warehouse full of words was repeated on shuffle
Confusion then became the norm and sliced thinly throughout our hideous state of mind

Author: Sam Freek

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