Wednesday, January 09, 2019

The Inflatable Purple Shroud Of Secrecy - Surreal Poetry

The Inflatable Purple Shroud Of Secrecy

Opened the top and out came your thoughts like a sparkly hurricane
The shrill of a guitar pierced the soul of marshmallow mountain
I lay still for 187 years only to realise my lips had taken a sharp left turn
The bad habit dressed in a leather headdress ate blended monkfish through a straw
Can I take a rain check please?

Moral dancing gave rise to the bewildered man boobs that shook along to the rumblings of the road works
Nip and tuck was the main ingredients
Harr harr harr you became the seal with a top hat and monocle
Red stripes appeared along my back
With astounded facial features highlighted in pink marker pen I grew taller in an empty corner

What order do they come in?

Snatching at the crows in my mind I then stop but change direction, fast forward to the beginning of the loop
My attentions squeezed through partially broken portholes of an independent mishap
I ate the fat from the land
Who's slipping down the stairs now slopey Joe?
You are now known as Sugar Thumb Bum

You may have the inflatable purple shroud of secrecy
But nothing is spoken without the clatter chatter of the one eyed seahorse

by Sam Freek

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Author: Sam Freek

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