Wednesday, November 07, 2018

The Corridor Of Jelly Fried Lithium - Surreal Poetry

The Corridor Of Jelly Fried Lithium

We are the rebellion hounds of the street waves
Trip trop pounding around in our breakfast cereal shoes
Heightened noises in the somberness of night creates ominous panic
Listening with little wishes as yesteryear arises
Glam rock pants are worn for the early morning shopping trip
Place those harpsichord lips on my broken soul and shout "giddy up"

You are the trigger warning as you shuffle along the corridor of jelly fried lithium
Help is there but the spiral path has already been chosen
Your audience holds their breath awaiting news of the sorrowful ending
Flip mo bop come the days of the broken motherboard
Landings have taken place amongst the fictitious stars
Four yellow flowers bend in the breeze from an out of control office fan

Return of the tiny zig zag thought patters fill an empty void
A boat drifts past with a large pink bow as its sail
Streams of unearthly shadows cavort through the darkness of the night
Scribblings are recited through naughty morning eyes
Censorship flies past the golden mirror reflecting ugly beauty
Derelict parts of the mind emerge from the frozen intersections

by Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

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