Monday, May 28, 2018

The Carrot Munching Wife - Surreal Poetry

 A large white rabbit wearing a concertina as a top hat took me down a moonlit path with floating neon pink and green cherries
I ate a large green cherry which had the number 500 lit up underneath it like quiz show winnings
A house that had been perfectly split down the middle brought us to a stop  and the rabbit disappeared down a hole clutching a red rose passionately between its teeth
The flickering of a TV revealed an elderly man in full beige and brown nylon attire who had fallen asleep stood up on one leg whilst leaning over his wife who was continually crunching loudly on a never ending bag of carrots
A china cup and saucer that was being held by the elderly man rattled in the breeze like castanets 
The carrot munching wife had walrus teeth with large bulging eyes like frog spawn 
A large disco ball swung out of nowhere into the fire place smashing the mirror and the whole room lit up like a disco
The couple began to dance in sequence and sing using the carrots as microphones
Two large magicians hands appeared in the dark night sky and the ring on the little finger hinged open and a rope ladder fell to my feet 
A car engine precariously flew past like a helicopter and chopped down the ladders
The hands shot back into the darkness and the couple began to howl with laughter
Everything began to collapse and get sucked into the rabbit hole which left me in darkness

by Sam Freek

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Author: Sam Freek

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