Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pink Horizons - Surreal Poetry

Pink Horizons

Do you remember the radio with the strange chime
My guitar only had one string
Failed exposure has the right of way in this town
Too beautiful for the ice cream van to stop
Take them tablets for the space control
I could see straight through your orange tan
Got a bit of a break out fever in this city
You wore a pan as a helmet as you drank coffee
No regrets, no regrets
Pretend to visit but its a secret selfish act
This is the wheel of fortune as seen in your dreams
Tedious notes are being played around the left bend
Awaiting your sealed entrance of the undamaged
Nothing exposed is listening to you
Awash with the colour of the elderly neighbour
Pink horizons have the cloth eared panic attack
There is nothing I will not try, I tell a lie I will not try on a size 8
Fleeting glimpses of the sober judge who ransacked the off license
Please do not listen if you cant take a joke or you will flounder
I see you like your phishing emails sent in hi ho silver
The mocking bird has selected its own Chinese whispers

by Sam Freek

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Author: Sam Freek

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