Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mr Gorilla Noo Noo - Surreal Poetry

 Mr Gorilla Noo Noo

Arched like a crab I walked backwards and bought some mis-shaped biscuits with an old shilling
Surrounded by the early morning rush hour I found solace in a discarded kitchen appliance which had a fridge magnet on from Robin Hoods Bay
The scales swung into action and bits fell off my handmade sponge bra into a puddle created from a leaky carton of lemon barley water
I floated along on the back of Mr Gorilla Noo Noo who thought it would be much nicer if we squeezed into the inside pocket of the aging rocker who's aroma was that of an old school science lab
The machine ground to a halt and my knees expanded and hissed like a broken boiler
An old man smoked a 10 foot long pipe filled with shredded accounts from an American corporate giant
A lonesome ear shuffled along the railway banking until the train to Sheffield flew past
I wanted to be left alone with the golden cat from the Chinese takeaway who never waved at me anymore
The top of my head sunk into the static electricity of my nylon pink sheets from the 70s 

Old Brian started to shake from not having his night cap of Creme De Menthe which brought back memories of doing the cha cha with Margo the banana packer from Huddersfield

It began to rain as I danced along to the sounds of a beautiful harp being played by a golden walrus who was sat precariously on top of empty beer kegs outside a shop that only sold air filters for Ford Cortinas

I was the last to arrive as the clock struck 18

The black blanket that filled the night sky fell like a magicians final reveal
I walked away and realised I only had 3

by Sam Freek

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Author: Sam Freek

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