Monday, March 19, 2018

Entrance - Urban Photography

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Entrance - Urban Photography by Sam Freek
 I never know what to write about my photography or artwork as the words don't come that easy so I will make a surreal poem up instead for this blog post.

Reflections of Miss Prudence
The woman with the jam jars bumped into me
Half of my head belonged to the bystander
Not long to go now 
I find new verve from discarded items

 The soles of my feet pushed against the clouds

A face appears covered in a street map
Hold onto my hook
All that's missing is his golden Mustang

Overpowered by the taste of the 70s
A shared diary filled with mediocrity
It has been misplaced

The rat race ends with a spam email

Thoughts were left unturned and in reverse
In my reflection I could see Miss Prudence
We are an all inclusive
 The old hat brings about a rapacious end

Author: Sam Freek

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