Monday, March 19, 2018

Contemporary Urban Photography - The Strange & The Unusual

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Abstract Urban Photography - The Strange The Unusual by Sam Freek
Creating some new abstract urban artwork to go onto the photography section that will be available to buy pretty soon from my website ( But for now here is another surreal poem I have put together.

The Ecstatic Law Abiding Lemon

No tips for the special goals you create
Your warbling shows your intentions
Standing still for 12 minutes 
Fragments are revealed as the clock ticks
Bringing your joyous entourage home

Let me tell you whats good for you

Shouting the vision from the pinnacle
Its the grim reality of the fifty percent
You can never have too much yellow
I walk for a subway and I'm hit by static electricity

Twisting my face into a padded chamber
You rescue me and I am saved
Tangled in the personality of my youth
I only need an ecstatic law abiding lemon
Your response is too slow and you fade away

A melodic experience carries me along to the spaceship heads

Author: Sam Freek

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