Saturday, August 12, 2017

Incoming Clouds - Urban Photography

abstract, urban photography, urban photo, clouds, blue sky, reflections, street photography, architecture, Sam Freek,
Incoming Clouds - Urban Photography by Freek

Author: Sam Freek

Its A Sign - Urban Photography

urban photography, urban photo, minimal photography, minimalist, urban decay, urban art, photographer, Sam Freek, artist, artwork,
Its A Sign - Urban Photography by Freek
Author: Sam Freek

Urban Photography - In The Pool

urban photography, urban photo, swimming pool, documentary photography, contemporary photography, photographer, artist, art, Sam Freek,
In The Pool - Urban Photography by Sam Freek
Author: Sam Freek

Pink Washing - Urban Photography by Freek

urban photography, urban photo, street scene, minimalism, documentary photography, artist, photographer, pink, Sam Freek,
Pink Washing - Urban Photography by Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

Monday, August 07, 2017

Straw Man - Abstract Portrait Illustration

Unwanted Puzzles - Contemporary Poetry by Freek

 Unwanted Puzzles

High on my tip toes
I see you from a different angle
Sour notes create a disharmony
Outlined in black
Mutterings fill my head
Switching between unknown planes
Head my way
Its what we needed
My skull stretches like elastic
Relax with me
Waiting for the transformation
But the ball is in my court
A temporary lobotomy rearranges my thoughts
Changing the patterns of today
In enters the creator
No noise for me
Sound fractures into unwanted puzzles 

by Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Kinetic Art Illustration

Kinetic art. 30 minutes of travelling on the bus and letting the motion control the pen.

Break Out - Contemporary Abstract Digital Painting

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Break Out - Contemporary Abstract Digital Painting

contemporary abstract painting, digital painting, digital art, digital artist, abstract art, abstract wall art, artist, artwork, buy art, gallery, Sam Freek, multi coloured,
Break Out - Abstract Wall Art by Sam Freek
Hello World! How are we today? I have just come back from a chiropractor session and ooo it was worth it. I feel like the tin man on The Wizard of Oz after he has been oiled. Worth every penny are chiropractors :-). Anyway, here is a new contemporary abstract artwork that I have been working on, it multi-coloured  and was digitally painted by myself on the old computer. How can you digitally paint? I pretend to hear you say? Well, I have some software that allows me to paint like a painter on my computer using a magic pen (which I pretend is a brush), this digital painting is then giclee printed onto high quality cotton canvas (400gsm) before being hand mounted and wrapped around 1.5 inch stretcher bars creating an amazing piece of canvas art. Premium bars are used on 59.06" x 47.24" (1500mm x 1200mm) artworks, they are a more robust stretcher bar and are used to prevent warping of the frame on larger artworks. A fine layer of varnish is also applied to the canvas art print which helps to protect and also enhances the colours in the artwork. 

All my artwork on my website ( can be delivered very safely and fully tracked anywhere in the world, so if you would like a price for delivery please feel free to contact me, Sam Freek - The Artist.

I think I would like to finish off this blog post with a poem.

 Didin't Fit - A poem by Sam Freek

Raw anger came
It was a coat that didn't fit
A second skin crawled
I entertained and provided
The make up was never quite right


Author: Sam Freek

Contemporary Abstract Digital Painting

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Cattle Market - Contemporary Poetry

Cattle Market

She cries on Sunday
Failed at the cattle market
Pretending to be a holy fruit
We all know about the odd one
Who loves to hate you

Phone rings twice and stops
You speak without moving your lips
Brunch is filled with damaged sounds
Salad days are unbridled and trash the place
The aftermath can be seen on social media

Who's in it for the long haul?
The results are made up of course
I could never reach you on the horizon
The darlings are not influential anymore
You said you would never go to Iceland

A twelve hour fast for the disposition
Turning everything into an argument
Your talents are drying up
Harmony is no longer a resident
The seasoned arid tart has left the building

By Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

Mantra - Contemporary Poetry


Lose sight
Lose sight
You cannot lose sight

Comfort food

Don't follow the crowd

On a bike with no chain

Meow meow and people like you

by Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek

The Wednesday Cake Club - Contemporary Poetry

The Wednesday Cake Club

Make up your own reality
Have you met my father
Blinked and he wondered off around the bend
Haven't seen much in this mind trip

Plant eating machine arrives late
Rain drenched maniac with yellow hair
Bleached jeans torn with age
She wore her daughters jacket for days

I swallowed away time
Fed the bird some leftovers
The one tooth slipped into the middle of his kisser
Prolonging life with nothing to fill it with

This has nothing to do with the weather
Go turn into 666 or 212
Relax and enjoy the world premiere
You couldn't be further from the truth

Craving the oceans locks
Keeping still is no fun at all
Society exerts words into your mind
Backing up against the wall is such a cliche

Sell my data and put me in a box
The internet is like one long billboard
Everyone thinks they are right
The egg timer is 20 seconds early

Trying to remember a film from an early memory
You're not quite needy enough so we can't help you
The sun will shine straight through your head
Its not open for discussion

Raise your game for the Wednesday cake Club

Author: Sam Freek