Saturday, October 08, 2016

Industrial Sunset - Urban Photography

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Industrial Sunset - Urban Photography by Sam Freek
I'm going to try and write a bit about each photograph I put up on the blog, it just seems to take me a long time to put something together where as I think I could be spending my time creating something. Not sure where the rest of the chimney is on this photo, it looks like half of it is missing and it should be made from bricks.  It was one of those clear warm sunny days where you just want to sit in a beer garden with good beer and conversation, I ended up in the pub until I realised the sun would be setting soon and I hadn't taken many photographs. This was one of the last photographs I took as the sun was setting, I was walking on my way to another pub though :-). 

As well as talk a bit about the photograph I also want to try and persuade you to go and visit my website...(10 minutes pass)....just spent far too much time figuring out what I should write on how to persuade you to look at my website......still thinking. (10 more minutes pass).....I'm thinking a BIG PRETTY PLEASE might do for now?

Author: Sam Freek

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