Friday, September 02, 2016

Contemporary Urban Abstract Art by Sam Freek

urban art, urban photography, urban decay, panoramic, red, white, grey, wall art, contemporary, Sam Freek,
Urban Photography - Contemporary Art For The Modern Home

urban art, urban photography, urban decay, panoramic, red, white, grey, wall art, contemporary, Sam Freek,
Here Today Gone Tomorrow - Urban Canvas Art by Sam Freek
Close up of the urban wall art

 Hi Internet,

Hope you are well, I have just eaten a fish finger sandwich, well, I say a sandwich it was just a plate full of fish fingers with no bread. Today is Friday and I have been busy all day finishing off a painting, adding new poems and an art drawing to the website, updated the blog, try and be social on the social media website, I've also had loads of ideas too that just keep popping in my mind but there isn't enough time in the day. 

Anyway, I thought I would write to you and show you my new artwork that I have entitled " Here Today Gone Tomorrow". It is a photograph I took recently of some urban decay and I really like it, the colours, the arrow that is cut deep into the concrete, the scratch marks and the paint that has randomly worn off. If you look closely at the artwork it has a painting look to it rather than a photograph, I did this by digitally manipulating the photograph on my computer.

To create the finished canvas art the photograph is printed onto a quality canvas (only the best will do) and then the canvas is wrapped around 1.5 inch stretcher bars. I must say I do like these 1.5 inch stretcher bars as they help create the impact I am after when the artwork is hung on the wall. After the canvas has been wrapped around the stretcher bars (which are also high quality and actually smell really good) a fine coat of varnish is applied to the canvas which helps protect it (from minor scratches, daylight and you can lightly wipe the canvas with a cloth without fear of damaging the art), oh and before I forget the varnish also brings out the colours even more in the artwork, making quite the statement on your wall.
I do like these panoramic artworks as they look smashing above a bed or sofa or I have even seen people turn them sideways and hang them at the top of the stairs so you get something to look at on the way upstairs, I hadn't even thought of adding one there. 

If you have any questions about this contemporary urban artwork or any other artwork on my website ( then please feel free to contact me by phone, email or letter (a hand written postcard would be nice).  

Bye for now....Sam Freek

Author: Sam Freek of Didgi Widgi art & photography

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