Monday, July 18, 2016

In Quarantine - Poem

In Quarantine

Doors to the world burst open
The thought process begun
Put me in quarantine and chop away at the unease
I'm not looking to the outside for answers

Sandwich shop lady smiled at me
Keep them coming it seems to be working
But nobody said it was a love song
I relaxed with the wild ones
Somebody shouted "there's no need to shout"

Telling tales in the kitchen
Its full of twisted memories
Shredding each one before another leaves
Visions flood in from little trust

The world gave me an identity
But I've gone and bought my own
Steeling some along the way
What kind of creation stands before me
Let's  not discuss this

If you cross the red line there's no going back
But you can create a new blue one
Asked me what it was like living in a cupboard
I've not had an idea in 2 years
Not taken the west coast route in a while

Coming together like a train wreck
Have you been to look and take a selfie
Share the experience without feeling
Familiarity took that away
You steal my thoughts and leave

Author: Sam Freek

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