Monday, May 30, 2016

The Missing Shoes - Black and White Photography

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The Missing Shoes - Black and White Photography by Sam Freek
Who are these people who throw their shoes over telephone wires? Or are they throwing somebody else's shoes over the wire for a joke?

 I remember working in a factory where we made speakers and in the assembly process we would use a lot of glue. One of the workers would come in early every morning with his paper and exchange his work shoes for a comfy pair of slippers and sit reading his paper until the bell went for us all to go to work. As a joke one morning, somebody super glued his slippers to the ceiling and like clockwork he came in with his newspaper looking for them as we all sat round the canteen in full view of him standing directly underneath his slippers whilst he was shouting "who's hidden my slippers, where are my slippers". The whole canteen was falling about laughing the more he shouted. Eventually somebody told him where his slippers were and we all briefly stopped laughing until we saw his reaction and then he bust out laughing and so did the rest of us.

Author: Sam Freek

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