Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Nature Comes Alive in Ilkley - Travel Photography

The Sunbathing Sheep - nature comes alive
The Sunbathing Sheep - Nature Comes Alive by Sam Freek  
 It was such a sunny day even some of the sheep had sunglasses and a knotted hanky on top of their head.

The Trees Were Shocked at His Angry Outburst - Nature Comes Alive
Shocked and Angry Trees - Nature Comes Alive by Sam Freek
 The trees were shocked at Harold the trees angry outburst in front of the baby bluebells. 

The Drunk Telephone Box - Nature Comes Alive
The Drunk Telephone Box - Nature Comes Alive By Sam Freek
 This red telephone box is drunk and has that "I'm plastered" look on his face. Feeling a bit dizzy he's having to lean against the wall to steady himself or he will fall over.

Here are a few photographs I took on my walk around Ilkley, Yorkshire, England. What a beautiful place it is, I especially loved walking through the small woods that were filled with bluebells that gave off a wonderful fragrance . 

Author: Sam Freek

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