Monday, November 18, 2013

Wall Art - "Sunrise" - Limited Edition Art

I find it a little bit difficult to describe my wall art as I just tend to see something that catches my eye and then I take a photo of it, but I know at the back, left or right side of my mind there will be a meaning or explanation to why I find it appealing. This wall art  is called "Sunrise" as the warm red, yellow and orange colours remind me of an early morning summer sunrise. Even though the wall art is printed onto canvas and is flat, the abstract rust marks give off a visual textured feel to the artwork. I find the random markings of a weathered piece of metal appealing because you will never find another like it, it's simply unique.

Most of the wall art on my web site is available as a landscape, square or triptych for you to choose from, I like to give the customers that choice as the art is suited to each one of them styles. 

This wall art has a warm feel about it, but bold enough to make a subtle, yet striking statement in any modern home.

What do you see/feel when you look at this artwork? 

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