Monday, November 25, 2013

Jean Michel Basquiat - What Do You See?

Writing for a blog is taxing on my brain cells. I have got two Jean Michel Basquiat paintings to chat about tonight. This first painting is like a large, painted, brain storming session of the ideas he came up with when thinking about "Hollywood Africans". The words that are crossed out remind me of something you see scratched on the wall by a child who is angry or confused about something on his mind. The word "gangsterism" sits at the bottom and is painted onto black to maybe signify the negative aspect of the thug like behaviour. Maybe "Hollywood Africans" is the name of a gangster gang Basquiat is painting about? The whole painting just reminds me of a whole load of ideas thrown onto a canvas, it's a colourful mood board for Hollywood Africans. 

I like this painting, it is very childlike and even has child like writing scrawled along the top left which is un-intelligible. The colours are earthy and warm and make up the whole of the painting. The head, hair and face are made up of sporadic compartments of colours and lines, which seems to make it more representational of being a tribal mask rather than a painting of someone's actual face. 

Author: Sam Freek

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