Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jack Beal - What Do You See?

Looking at two paintings by Jack Beal today, having never heard of the painter before or seen his work I have chosen this top painting as I like the colours and shadows on the woman's body and the green blanket laid next to her. The woman and the blanket look very realistic whilst the rest of the painting look like its a bit all over the place and skewiff, it's almost like there is two separate styles of painting in one. Maybe he is just really good at painting realistic bodies but objects to scale and at correct angles maybe not so much. The belly button appears to be missing as it looks a little odd around the stomach area. The room might be his studio as there seems to be a few different props lying around, it seems a bit cluttered so its either small or he just can't be bothered to move anything to tidy it up. I would have preferred not to have either of the chairs in painting or the plant hanging down as they give me the feeling of wanting to move them out of the way.

This second painting has some brilliant shadows painted into it. I am thinking it is the same small studio as the previous painting as its still untidy and is starting to resemble a second hand shop with the mismatched furniture scattered everywhere. The model is partly hidden behind some furniture and he probably had every intention of painting her in full view and from a different view point but I get the feeling he is dictated to by the shadows. If the shadows look and fall right over the subjects at that particular moment and angle, then that is when and where he paints. 

Author: Sam Freek

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