Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Frank Auerbach Paintings - What Do You See?

Back on with describing what I see in various art and photography for the blog. As well as giving me some inspiration I'm hoping it will help me describe my wall art too. Below are two paintings by Frank Auerbach, I have seen some of his paintings before but have no idea about his intentions behind the paintings. 

The painting below at first reminded me of what you would be able to see through an abstract steamed up window looking out onto some fields/meadow with a clear blue sky and a tractor which makes up the scattered red. Now I have looked at it for slightly longer I can see it could be some marsh land and broken up bushes where someone has waded through. Maybe Frank Auerbach just had some left over colours from other paintings and got rid of them all using mad, sporadic painting strokes or he could have started to paint a field and it all turned out wrong and thought "hey, I like it" and put it out there as a work of art anyway. 

Now this painting below by Frank Auerbach I like. I love the earthy colours and the fact that there isn't much detail in the painting, its left up to you what this woman looks like. The woman is maybe sat in front of a fire with her arms crossed in that comforting hugging yourself position and resting her head with her eyes closed. Its an oil painting and its thickly applied so it looks like you could scoop it off, its almost like a sculpture on a canvas it is that textured.

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