Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Alicia Martin Lopez - Surreal Art

I'm bored of looking at the so called "great artists" of our time so I'm looking further afield and looking for some new and unusual art and I found some with art work by Alicia Martin Lopez. Not sure if they are paintings or illustrations but I like the creepy feel they give me when I look at them. This top example reminds me of a still from a PlayStation game I used to play called "Abe". Abe was the character from the game and walked around a surreal looking planet full of weird and creepy creatures. The green atmosphere that envelopes the creature adds to the abnormal world the artist has created and adds to the inquisitive feeling her work gives me of wanting to know more, who, where, what are they and why do they they appear to be breaking up? 

Both these artworks are fascinating as they are pulled from the imagination and they take you into the fantasy world of the artist. Observing this fantasy world makes me feel uneasy, but why should it? It's only because I am looking at what is not the "norm" and so creates an apprehensive feeling towards both these creations, for all I know they could be the most friendliest of individuals.

Author: Sam Freek

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