Friday, August 23, 2013

Photo Appreciation of the Day - Richard Billingham

The photo of the day is by Richard Billingham and is yet another black and white photograph. I chose this photograph as I was instantly drawn to the man's heartily laugh and his disregard of having his photograph taken without his false teeth in. I am nosey and I want to know why he is laughing and I want to join in on his fun. 

The photo uncovers a simplistic way of life reiterating to me that happiness should come from within and not from the non essential trappings of the materialistic world. Full of character this man has had years of laughter and these years have been the building blocks of his friendly personality. This man has no airs or graces and what you see is what you get, he has a raw truth about him that you only tend to see in a child, which unfortunately tends to get lost in the journey into adulthood. His surroundings are basic and are placed in a disorganised fashion with a make shift bedroom unit, but he's happy and has no regrets, he's seen it all as far as he's concerned.

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