Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lennart Anderson Paintings - What Do You See?

Today I am looking at two Lennart Anderson paintings and describing what I see. I have no idea what these two painting are about as I am learning the art of seeing and describing what I see rather than what a text book tells me to see. 

The first painting is of a busy street in a city and the scene is of mainly men of varying ages. There are a number of children in the painting without school uniform or bags which suggests it is a weekend. No street or shop signs are visible to identify which city this could be and the buildings in the background are lifeless and dull with a small glimpse of the sky alongside a residential area which would mean this area is on the outskirts of a city.

There appears to be a woman who is smartly dressed on her knees with her hand partly over her mouth in shock. Has this lady fallen or has someone else fallen in front of this lady as the unidentifiable object in front of the lady suggests?

The passers by are frozen in time, will anyone help the woman in distress or will they simply walk on by? If this is a street scene the painter experienced why not show the woman being helped by someone? Is the painter leaving the results of the experience down to the viewer? Are we all simply too busy to care about someone else's misfortune?

The second painting is of a street scene in a city with a mixture of men and women of different ages. A wheel lays on the road from a kart which was being pulled by a child who has now fallen over from pulling the kart up onto the pavement. The child is being attended to by a woman sat down on the pavement. One of the women from the group on the left is slowly bending down with an outstretched arm as if to offer a helping hand. 

To the right of the painting the men are briskly walking whilst catching a glimpse of the scene before carrying on. The small girl bursting out from the doors with a shocked look on her face could live there and the small child who has fallen is a relative of hers and is also coming to their aid. Maybe this painting is just a street scene and the painter has captured a moment in time with no hidden meaning or as with the first painting it could be a reflection of what happens in society when someone takes an unfortunate tumble.

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