Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Josep Alberti Paintings - What Do You See?

Today I am looking at two paintings from an artist called Josep Alberti, not sure where he's from or anything about the subject in his paintings as I want to share with you what I see and not be influenced by anything I have read about him or his art.

This first painting is of a kitchen that is run down as the plaster/paint on the wall is falling off. The unevenness of the colour suggests that it hasn't been painted for a number of years as it has faded over time. There are no windows in the kitchen which suggests there wouldn't be much of a view outside and that the building is a basic shell that somebody calls home. 

Although the kitchen is in need of a coat of paint the cooker and cooking area is made from colourful tiles which shows the importance of food in this house and that a woman lives here. A sweeping brush and cleaning cloth can also be seen to the right of the painting showing how important it is to be clean. Whoever lived here saw the importance of food and cleanliness over an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. In fact, they probably didn't see the plaster falling from the walls as the cooker would've been the focal point and the heart of the home for them and it is where they would've created the most wonderful meals for her husband or family. 

This second painting of an old woman who has been painted in cold blue which suggests the painter wanted her to come across as a hard woman who had been hardened by life events. Alternatively, the colours could represent her living in cold conditions as she is after all wearing a shawl on top of her clothes. The lady is poor and she would have got some kind of pleasure from living in slight discomfort as it made her feel like a martyr, a feeling that she had become accustomed to by being a good wife and mother.

The woman is not smiling as she is lonely and no longer needed by anyone in her world, her children have grown up and her husband is no longer with her. She dresses for comfort and warmth rather than to make herself feel good or to make herself presentable to the opposite sex as she no longer feels attractive. Her hair is swept back in a nondescript hair style and shows her full face as it tells her life story and she is proud of that. Her face shows the story of her whole life for all to see. 

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