Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gilles Aillaud Paintings - What Do You See?

Today I am looking at some of the paintings by the painter Gilles Aillaud. I will look at the paintings from my point of view and not be influenced by what is said of his work on the internet. Below is a brief description of the story both paintings show.

Painting 1
The first painting shows two men who look like they could be brothers as they have similar coloured hair and pastel shirts on. They are beating up a washed up looking man who looks like he has no strength to fight back, maybe because they have held him prisoner for a number of days as to obtain information from him. The man in the background is wearing shades to either hide his disguise, look cool or hide his joy from watching somebody get beaten up. He doesn't need to get involved as he must be the boss. It is dark outside or the window is blacked out as what happens in that room is not meant to be seen from the outside. The window is also high up on the wall which suggests it could be in some kind of basement. I feel like I am now writing about a scene from CSI rather than a painting. 

Painting 2
This second painting is of a man who is going to deliver someone a message as he isn't carrying anything so he is not on his way home from work with his briefcase or a newspaper. He is looking down so he is watching his step as he is not familiar to the stairs and therefore doesn't live there. The apartments are in a decent part of the neighbourhood as the walls on the stairs don't have any graffiti on them so the main entrance is likely to be locked. There are no paintings or plants in view and the stairs and walls are bland so it shows they are inside a stairway leading to an apartment rather than inside someone's home. What do you see?

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