Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eduardo Arroyo Paintings - What Do You See?

Having not read anything about Eduardo Arroyo before I am going to take a guess that this first example of his work is a graphic illustration and not a painting. Red, yellow, black and white are my favourite colours so I was instantly drawn to this artwork. The top figure appears to be of a skeleton and the bottom figure is that of a woman. Both of the figures are holding a camera with the skeleton appearing to hold a much larger and older camera than the female figure. 

Both are taking photos, but what are they taking photographs of? Each other? Why do we take photographs? It is a way of recording an event, we are taking a snapshot and creating a visual diary of our lives so we may reminisce at a later date. Visualising memories outside of our head echoes our existence. I am not entirely sure of the meaning behind this illustration and it doesn't speak to me on any level. It reminds me of an unfinished illustration for a book,film or play. The only message that does come across is that of how the artist himself sees life and death, just a collection of photographic memories.

This second image appears to be a painting showing two figures.To the left is a figure of a matador, which is a Spanish bull fighter, and the figure on the right appears to be the outline of some human internal organs. A representation of the Spanish flag is shown at the top of the painting in the form of a red and yellow stripe. In Spain the matador is highly regarded and are depicted as very courageous and powerful, maybe the internal organs are to prove how brave he is by showing that this matador has his inner strength on the surface with no physical protection. Again, as in the first image I am not totally sure what is going on in this painting, I thought I would be able to express what the was idea behind the painting or at least convey what it means to me, but I am drawing a blank. Maybe I should research the artist a little before I embark on the next post? Or maybe it is just that this artists work just doesn't convey anything to me? It could be just one of them days where my mind just draws a blank and refuses to work, like writers block but more of a thinking block. Better luck tomorrow.

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