Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Toodle Pipping All Day Long - Surreal POetry by Freek

 Toodle Pipping All Day Long

Candy has gone to town denying her own truths but stole mine from my secret compartment
Don't answer that before you turn around or you will see the terrifying hallelujah
Identify your mental debt to the green ones
In a rare style of your choice increase the languish from the unbelievable
Wake up and sell up
Put any word on your listing and highlight the choices in vibrant yellow
Clenched teeth inhabit my skull
My skin has soaked in too many rays for the day
Call me an ambulance
You are an ambulance
My moonwalk reversed me into a previous state of anger
The lump moved across silently and almost unidentifiable
Pursed lips lay along the forever winding staircase to cloud 9
Tingling sensations were carried along with the northerly winds
Try to keep up
I tried to tear the phone book in half
Lost in the mirrored world I am nowhere to be found
The scales tipped and I consumed too much
In for one, down for three, over for six
I forgot to put my phone on charge
I must
Therefore I am


Toodle pipping all day long

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Author: Sam Freek

Wearing Leather - SUrreal POetry by Freek

 Wearing Leather

Never, never
Lift a feather
In bad weather
Wearing leather

It wouldn't suit
The royal hoot
A hairless coot
Who played the flute

Squeaky clean
They all turned mean
But wasn't seen
Till the cat turned green

This is so nice
So don't think twice
For the mice
Who stole the rice

Lets end it here
Before I fear
That you wont cheer
For me my dear

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Author: Sam Freek

Monday, September 30, 2019

The Ecilop Service - surreal POetry by Freek

The Ecilop Service

Cuddled a star fish
Dropped my earlier thoughts off at the theatre
It's a trifle cold
Came across a sleep walking antelope
The phone rang in an orange tone
I was cut off from the world for 19 hours
Walked around with a pigeon chest in my marshmallow shoes
Waved goodbye to myself on the romantic steam train to Haworth
As I swirled to the right the teapot growled
Not the one I
Not the one you
Tell me in double time

Winning an award for not showing up was fun
Changed history with visual lies
Sank back into the soft incline of a broken trampoline
We counted forbidden words under the stars on our fingers and toes
I carried a cloud around in my breast pocket
Phoned 666 and got in touch with the ecilop service
A countdown progressed and I ran away
The imagination stretched as far as Soothill
Wrote a list of items I wanted
x 4 frozen snow globes
Muffled vibes from an ecstatic mermaid
Some broken bunk bed ladders from the 80's
A door bell that played the sound of gun fire

My emotions unfolded into over starched garments
Branded by the letter H I slipped away into the pages of a new way of life
I became grounded
Fossil like
Two pennies worth
Wobbled like a frankfurter as a German Christmas market
Was that an over share?

Faked it
Sole a few necessities
Then barked

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